Taken from Bongo Boy TV Rock N’ Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Videos From Around The World.
Episode 1064 “Working Hard For My Music”
Synopsis By: Dana Saravia—Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore | Steel Notes Magazine.

Closing out this episode is Canada’s Trinitty with her winning video “Yesterday”. On this acoustic ballad, Trinity uses her warm voice to detail overcoming heartbreak and hardships. The lyrics “No more running away from myself/Just to hide from someone else” are an example of the quietly strong way she celebrates her hard won independence with this song. The video intercuts scenes of Trinitty becoming visibly upset while struggling through moments of emotional turmoil, ending with her standing strong in a way that illustrates the song’s uplifting message.

Written & Produced by angel

Video Directors: angel and Rome of Invisible Werks

Source:  Steel Notes Magazine